Elekta 5 Burner Built-in Stainless Steel Gas Stove


AED 640 AED 600

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Stainless Steel Gas Hob with 5 burners, enamel pan support, burner cap, self-ignition, and foolproof safety. The self-ignition turns off the power supply when the flame wades out at use, Low fuel consumption ensures high efficiency, Provides a safe, secure and hassle-free usage, Easy to clean.
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  • Expected Delivery Date : 24th January, 2021.

Feature Information

  • With Full Safety Device                                    
  • Color: Silver                                    
  • Material: 6mm Thickness Stainless Steel                                    
  • Burner Size: ɸ130+ɸ100+ɸ75+ɸ75+ɸ55                                    
  • Other Features: Auto-Ignition, Sabaf Designed Burner