Elekta 60X60 Gas Oven, 4 Burner, Half Inox, with Grill and Full Safety


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60 X 60 Free standing gas oven, 4 Gas burners, Euro Pool Type Burners, full safety, LPG Adjusted, Extra NG Transfering Kits, Semi Inox, Oven Lamp, Full Separate Button Ignition, Gas Oven With Gas Grill, Cast Iron Grid, Turnspit, Mechanical Timer, Tempered Glass Cover, Both Bottom & top will work simultaneously, Made in Turkey, Barcode: 4990576676272
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  • Expected Delivery Date : 24th January, 2021.

Feature Information

  • 60 X 60 Free standing gas oven
  • 4 Gas burners
  • Euro Pool Type Burners
  • Full safety, LPG Adjusted